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Let your eyes shine bright!

Give your eyes some love and sparkle this Valentine's Day! 

 Timeless has a new treatment tool that takes your skin to a new level using 4 different technologies:

 1. Electroporation The most effective non-invasive, needle-free technology available to safely transfer skin care products into the skin. Provides safe and effective non-invasive trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. Unlike a serum that nourishes the outer layers of your skin, this application of an electrical pulse momentarily disrupts the cell membrane allowing the entry of product. This infusion dramatically increases skin permeability by simply opening a door! 

2. Radio frequency: Radio Frequency is thermal energy that is produced by an electrical current and not a light source, so it can be used on all skin types. RF Stimulates collagen and contracts the skin thus tightening it. Significant improvement will occur gradually as new collagen forms.  

3. LED:  Red, Blue or Green LED (light emitting diode) is a non-heat based light that emits precise wavelengths that pass through the skin energizing injured cells and stimulating cellular activity.
* Red LED: wrinkles/fine lines
* Green LED: pigmentation
* Blue LED: acne

4. Microcurrent: The reproduction of your body's own electrical current that tones and rejuvenates facial tone. 

$25 introductory price on this treatment (by itself or add-on to facial) through 2/28/2015 

Jill's Tips for Favorite Lips

Lips - before permanent makeup
Before permanent makeup
Lips - after permanent makeup
After permanent makeup

Looking at the "before" photo, we see that these are great lips to start with- but look what permanent makeup can do! Due to age and sun, our natural lip color, shape, and fullness disappears over time. As we can see in the "after" photo,  restoring the color loss makes lips look fuller and more shapely while still looking totally natural. 
Applying Permanent Makeup "Outside the lines"?
Some clients like to “cheat" and apply their lip pencil or lipstick outside the vermilion border to achieve fullness, and so Jill sometimes gets asked to do that with permanent makeup. Jill refuses to do so because permanent makeup applied outside your natural lip tissue looks off- like you drank kool-aid and have a stain.  The lip tissue is a different color and a different canvas than the tissue surrounding your lips, so it just doesn’t look good and is a no- no for permanent makeup. Be conservative and you can always still cheat a little with your makeup. In fact, most clients do wear gloss over their permanent makeup to give lips a little shine, see pictures below.
Lips - before gloss
Before Permanent Makeup

Lips - after gloss
After Permanent Makeup with Gloss
Get your Permanent Lips this month, and receive a Jane Iredale lip gloss so you can gloss and go!


Things to Buy Right Now - Save 10% this month!

Nectifirm from Revision Skincare 
Nectifirm gives us some graceful ammunition against the aging process especially in the fragile skin of our neck and decolletage.
10% off at Timeless through Dec. 31, 2014!

SUEDE BLANC candle by Voluspa
A client came in the other day and asked if we had the candle that smells like "European Man."   She was actually referring to a candle by Voluspa called "Suede Blanc," but we have always told clients "It smells like a European Man."
Ask for the "European Man" candle and get 10% off at Timeless through Dec. 31, 2014!

Happy SPA-lidays!

Timeless is celebrating this holiday season by offering two very special facials that incorporate our favorite products and techniques. Get your glow on this season!

Red Wine and Chocolate Facial
You will leave sparkling and looking merry and bright!  And your soul will benefit  too, with a chocolatey delight! This facial treatment replenishes the skin with resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine and chocolate. You will benefit “guilt free”!
 * Firms the skin
* Rich in antioxidants
* Deeply hydrates

60 minutes, $120. Book Now!

Stocking Stuffer Sampler
The best things come in small packages, and this facial, full of “samples,” is no exception! Let holiday stress slip away, as you savor an array of Timeless favorites and sip some hot cocoa.
* Mini warm stone massage
* Brightening facial
* Eyebrow shaping
* Dusting of Jane Iredale mineral foundation to give a festive glow

90 minutes, $150. Book Now!


Permanent Makeup: Should I do my lower eyes too?

Should I do my upper and lower eyes? Will it make my eyes look smaller?  I get asked this question  quite often.  I would say about 95% of my clients end up doing both upper and lower eyes. However, if you choose only one, just do the uppers. Otherwise, the eye is drawn downward and none of us want that aging effect.   I personally prefer a less "intense" lower for permanent makeup otherwise the eye can get closed in.  One way to achieve a less intense look is to use a lighter color.

permanent makeup with True Colors and Natural Look Jeanee Lusby
Photo A: Upper and Lower eyes
Photo A- I custom mixed Cafe Noir and Toasted Almond by one of my favorite pigment lines; True Colors.  The lash line is slightly defined yet light in color.

permanent eyeliner for green eyes
Photo B:Upper and Lower eyes
Photo B: I recommended a light mossy green for this clients lowers.  Green is a fun color to work with and is easy to add a dash of  brown or black if you change your mind. Green also cancels red, so it can create perfect harmony in someone who has a lot of pink around the eye.

Permanent eyeliner tattoo
Photo C: Upper and Lower eyes
Photo C:  Both blue and green eyes can do colors in grey.  This upper is a darker charcoal and the lower is a light grey smudge effect.

All of these eyes display just how subtle and natural permanent makeup can look. Think about how you want to look when you wake up every day... If you want natural, then consider a finer line through your lashes that's lighter in color for your lower eyes. Uppers can go darker because your lashes buffer the line, and if you go too light on the uppers you just don't see it.

>More before and after eye photos


Donate to the fight against breast cancer for a chance to win our Tatler magazine collection!

breast cancer tatler magazines
  Are you addicted to high fashion magazines like we are?  Timeless has a collection of European Tatler magazines thanks to a generous client.  In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are raffling off our collection to a lucky winner!  Donate $5 to get your name in the drawing; donate $10 to get twice the chance to win along with a  "Fight Like A Girl" breast cancer postage stamp. This year's proceeds go to Cancer CAREpoint, a local cancer support organization.  Timeless will match all donations!


The Daily Eyebrow Challenge

challenging eyebrows
Clients "Asymmetrical" Drawing

Like many women, this client struggled everyday to create symmetrical eyebrows. Sometimes our facial morphology or bone structures, or artistic flair make this task difficult.  I often hear that women spend 30 minutes a day applying their eyebrows.
Permanent makeup can definitely save you time.

Permanent Eyebrows can be done many ways. Heavy, soft, barely there, transparent in color, solid in color, feathery, hair strokes, the combination is endless. My preference is of course the most natural possible....however, that doesn't always satisfy the clients desire. What permanent makeup goers should understand is that you can always apply just a dash of eyebrow powder or pencil over your permanent makeup when you want more color. Ask yourself this:

 "Do you want to wake up everyday feeling like you need to catch up rest of your makeup to your permanent makeup, especially before yoga class, your run or bike ride?" Don't get me wrong, I wear makeup everyday. I just don't want to have to hide or disguise something relatively permanent.

symmetrical eyebrows
After Feather Shade Permanent Makeup
Somehow our traditional topical makeup resonates just fine in the public eye, however once someone knows you have tattooed brows, liner or lips there is a hesitation of sorts...So make your end goal with permanent makeup natural, pretty, not too can always add more. Wake up comfortable.



Hairstroke Eyebrows
Close Up- Healed Permanent Eyebrows
Of course I don't always win this "do it more natural" conversation, but I will try.
Jill Hoyer
"Prefer it Natural" Permanent Makeup Artist


Liberate yourself from daily makeup application!

Consider the beauty of Permanent Makeup!
Permanent Makeup is a sophisticated process of inserting pigment permanently into the skin to create natural feature enhancements. Procedures are available for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip areas. Jill Hoyer is a highly trained and skillful permanent cosmetic professional whose aesthetic philosophy is to carefully design and apply permanent makeup as an enhancement to an individual's own features.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
Some women are too busy to apply makeup and want to look their best all day, or they may find it physically difficult to apply makeup due to poor eyesight, impaired motor skills, or unsteady hands. Active and athletic people, as well as those with oily skin or little defining facial hair also benefit from the smudge-free and lasting effects of permanent cosmetics.

Call to a book a complimentary Permanent Makeup consultation with Jill Hoyer at 408.395.7792. Or use our Consult via Email form.