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What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

 Have you heard of  'Eyebrow Embroidery'?

I recently traveled to Asia to refine the hand tool method of eyebrow embroidery.  That word embroidery just didn’t make sense until I actually did the technique.  Using a  hand tool like a pen with several needles, which are soldered together forming a curve shape, the needles are inserted into the pen and then color is delicately placed into the skin with a rocking like sewing motion...hence eyebrow embroidery. Working hair by hair building the brow color requires patience and focus. Just as important as the technique is the eyebrow design.

After -permanent eyebrows
Is Eyebrow Embroidery the same as Permanent Eyebrows?  Yes, they are both intended to leave permanent color in the skin.  The permanency of the color will fade with time, hence semi-permanent makeup, and also fades with sun exposure, activities and body chemistry.  Eyebrow embroidery is a typical Asian name for eyebrow tattooing.  However, it is typically a softer looking technique (than the harsh solid block stenciled tattoo) when done using hand tools and can produce an incredibly fine hair stroke.   Hair stroke eyebrows or feather stroke eyebrows is a technique simulating the natural eyebrow hair. Artfully placed strokes, adds dimension, movement and volume to the sparse eyebrow.
Fuller brow with eyebrow embroidery hair strokes and shading

The hair stroke technique can produces fine wisp of color however it can get blurry especially with certain skin types. In general, the smaller the stroke the better. The downside is that  hair strokes are less color than doing a full background color in an eyebrow and typically fade faster. However, they add a natural dimension to the brow.  Often shading and strokes are combined depending on the desired outcome.

Needle Inspection-I have a research mind and always want to know more!
As a permanent makeup artist working on a variety of  skin types including post cancer skin, scarred skin, young and old,  I have found the combination of techniques I’ve learned to be very useful.
This manual technique is wonderful to add for my diverse clientele as well as students who are taking the advanced eyebrow curriculum.  It comes down to the saying “ the more you know”… 

The field of permanent makeup is ever changing and so are techniques. In my opinion educating myself and researching the international field is very important for continued growth.


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